Name: Kok Tha

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 23. 02. 1986

Place of Birth: Phnom Penh

Martial Status: Engaged


2003: Graduated from Hua Ming Chinese School,

2004: Bac II at Boeng Trabek high school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia;

2008: Bachelor degree of Art in Tourism Management at Royal University of Phnom Penh.

2009: Bachelor degree of Art in English Language at Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL).

2011-2012: International Leadership Training on “Regional Management and Rural Development” in Germany.


General Secretary, Citizen Action Net for Social Development (CAN) since December 2006. and

Chairman, Friends Help Friends Saving Group (FHF) since November 8, 2009.

Areas of Expertise: Youth’s Capacity Building, Youth Saving Group, Youth’s Participation and Motivation, Youth’s Education, Self-Development, Leadership, Facilitation skills, Community Development, Liberalism and Freedom, Research, Tourism Management,

Languages: Mother Tongue in Khmer, very good in English, Chinese, and German

Hobbies: Socializing,motivating young people, writing, reading, sharing knowledge and information, doing exercise, listing to music and news, travelling and observing, etc.

Religion: Buddhism

Political standpoint: Liberal

Interested Organization: Non-Profit Organization and Social Work

Character traits: Trustworthy, always want to be better, loyal, fair, keen to help people around me.


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