My Impression after attending the Press Conference of CNRP’s Statement on 29.08.2013″

I believe it is a good thing to share to audiences and youths about what I have heard and felt after attending the Press Conference of Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) on 29.08.2013 regarding to the standing point of CNRP toward the Mechanisms of Dealing with Irregularities of Election and the Preparation for Non-Violent Demonstration on 07.09.2013.

I saw the announcement of the Press Conference a day before the event through Facebook posted in CNRP Facebook Page. Honestly speaking, I am a person who interested and keep regular follow up on political situation in Cambodia. That is the reason I would like to participate in this Press Conference organized at CNRP office at Chak Ang Re district.

I have noticed some remarkable point during the speech of H.E. Sam Rainsy, President of CNRP and Mr. Kuoy Bunroeun, representative of CNRP on investigating irregularities of Election (elected on 28.07.2013)

– CNRP insists to form the Independent Committee that consist of Representatives of Cambodian People Party (CPP) and CNRP who have the power of decision making in investigating the irregularity of the recent election through having NGOs, International NGOs as the observers of this investigation. Mr. Sam Rainsy has written and sent the letter to H.E Chea Sim for proposing forming this independent committee in order to investigate and deal with the irregularities of election. The National Election Committee (NEC) was rejected by CNRP in facilitating the formation and processing in this Independent Committee, because CNRP considers NEC as not independent institution influenced by CPP and made a lot of and serious mistakes on irregularities during the election, while CPP demands NEC as the coordinator in investigating because CPP considers NEC is the right institution for dealing with the irregularities of the election. Before the announcement of result from NEC, CPP claims that they are the winner of the election with fairness., at the same time CNRP claims that they have gained hug support from citizens and have increased a lot of seats in the parliament from this election. NEC announced his preliminary result several days after the election that CPP received 68 (90 seats in 2008) seats of the parliament and CNRP receives 55 seats (29 seats received in 2008). H.E. Sam Rainsy claimed that, CNRP is going to respect the result of fair and independent investigation found by Independent Committee. In addition, CNRP is going to join for forming the parliament after the investigate is done and accepted. Regarding to this point, as a citizen, I would say, CPP, NEC and Constitutional Council should agree with what CNRP suggested in order to giving the fair chance for winner and loser find out the truth. So that the winner will win with dignity and respect, and the loser lose with satisfaction and agreement.

– CNRP admitted that Non-Violent Demonstration is the last choice that CNRP are going to do on this 07.09.2013 if there is no response or fair and proper negotiation between CNRP and CPP in formulating Independent Committee. The government also prepares the military and polices for keeping security as the reason. Both parties claimed that they need the peaceful mechanism and solutions, but I think wording is not enough, your act and response is very clear enough for citizens to judge what are you doing and who are you. It is interesting to hear from H.E Sam Rainsy that the non-violent demonstration is the demonstration that follow the spirit of Mohandas K. Gandhi. The non-violence leadership movie of Gandhi is showing to Cambodian people on how to follow and keep in mind the non-violence manners. At the moment, CNRP is consulting with NGOs and experts on how to organize this demonstration. It is interesting that the movie of Gandhi (Khmer speech) is the movie that my organization and I have been using and sharing to young people during the leadership workshops and trainings.

– After listening to the explanation of Mr. Kuoy Bunroen on the process and situation in investigating the irregularities lead by the Constitutional Council (CC), I have a full understanding about the reason why CNRP could not accept the results and the mechanisms undertook by CC and NEC. Mr. Kuoy Bunroeun remarked that there are totally 1401 election offices in Battambang province, and CNRP sued to Constitutional Council for checking Security Box “A” for finding the irregularities as the sample of only 233 (6% of total) election offices. However, the Constitutional Council allowed to open only 8 boxes from 8 offices. This point immediately run into my consideration-Why? Why? Why?

        + Why allowed to open only 8 of 1401 offices?

        + If Constitutional of Council (CC) have the competence how to do the research? How to choose the sample size?  Why don’t CC allows to open those 233 offices as CNRP requested? Or you think it is too tired for you to facilitate this work? Why don’t you just do it, and let see the truth?

In conclusion, even though I have followed up news and information related to politic everyday, but the day that I attend the Press Conference organized by CNRP give me a clear picture and idea about what is going on in politic and how each stakeholders involve and take the responsibilities in the process. I hope all CPP, CNRP, NEC and CC solve the problem in peaceful way, not just saying, but with your honest and dignity acts. We are the citizens are waiting to see all of you solving it and I am sure citizens are keeping strict concentration on your acts.


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