My 10th Biking Day for Healthy, Environmental and Economical Purposes

My Sport-bike bought on 11.05.2013
My Sport-bike bought on 11.05.2013

On Saturday 11.05.2013, my sport-bike was bought with the recommendation from my good friend in choosing and selecting the quality sport-bike. The rational of buying and riding the sport-bike was from the motivation and suggestion from my role model as well as as my Program Manager-Mr. Khim Sophanna. He has done weekly exercise by riding the bike in the early morning around 5am before he come to work.

Making this decision, my wife fully encouraged me and supported me to make this change. I have noticed that recently I have gained weight (a bit fat at my stomach) and I spent a lot of money for the gasoline, rout from my house to office, especially during traffic jam. In addition, I commit to contribute to the reduction of air-pollution for environment friendly purpose by starting from myself.

Honesty speaking, I felt very exhausted in the first day of my biking, just riding from the bike shop to my office (5km). My legs were painful. However, I did not give up. In the next day, I continued to ride my bike from my home to my office and from my office to home (Phnom Penh-Prek Samorng) which is approximately 25km.


MY Role Model ride the bike in the Biking Day organized by EU in Cambodia
MY Role Model ride the bike in the Biking Day organized by EU in Cambodia

Yesterday 09.06.2013 was my 10th Biking Bay after my lovely sport-bike was bought. I ride around 25km per day. My bike costs 140 USD and many people said that it is reasonable price, while some people said that they can’t effort it and too tired to ride the bike. However, imagine that we spend 1.50 USD (or one liter) for daily gasoline cost to work and study or some leisure activities. I just ride my bike for 3 months (90 days) instead of riding motorcycle. Then the cost of installment 140 USD will be installed and I still continue to ride my bike with very low cost, relaxation and healthy mood.

Now I have seen more and more Cambodian people turn their attention to ride the bike rather riding motor or driving the car for healthy, environmental protection, economical and traffic jam reduction purpose.

Biking has become my habit now and I really keen to ride the bike every weekend. I always wish the weekend comes soon so that I can enjoy my sport during the relaxed weekend.

Currently, I have registered to be member of “Cycling for Freedom” Team that is going to start the first cycling day on this 15.06.2013. We are looking forward to seeing more and more of our colleagues join the team and we can enjoy the cycling together.

In conclusion, cycling is very beneficial for everyone. It brings us healthy, saves us money, and helps to protect our environment.

“Riding the Bike, we can be the role model of some other people”!


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