My feeling after I have lost my great King

I feel extremely shock, sad and sorrow when I heard and knew that I have lost my King Father “Norodom Sihanouk” on this 15th October 2012, 1:20am (time in Cambodia) in Beijing Hospital.

Honestly, I have known not much about my great king when he was alive. I just knew and heard from many people included my parents that he is the hero for Cambodia who is the peace maker and bring independent to Cambodia from France’s colonization in 1953.  Within my family, my father plays very important roles in educating children about the society, culture and politic in Cambodia history. I still remember about my father’s words reminding about King Sihanouk when I was 5 or 6 years old. He had brought great achievements and development in Cambodia civilized society. His leadership and political perspective are well-known and got respect from people in the country.


After hearing his death, I have watched TV, historical film and read newspapers which reminded and mentioned about his sacrifice and achievement in saving Cambodia from the invaders and developed Cambodia to a prosperous nation from year 1953-1970.

Tonight, 18th October 2012, 9:30am, I watched TVs broadcasted the ceremony and historical films and documents of my late great King. I don’t know why my mind feel so mixed, sad and sorrow. My tear dropped silently. I deeply feel that I myself as well as my country lost the great hero. Then, a very strong power come into my heart and talk my that “Kok Tha, there is something that you need to put more effort to help and develop your country”. I just feel that what I have done so far is not enough and even much less than my king. I need to continue my hard-work and my well-being to colleague, youth organizations, role models, my friends, youths, family and my love.

Nothing to explain more but just know that I need to do more and more from now on…


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