Experience the benefits of Google Calendar for fast and professional work

The concept of Google Calendar is not new, it has been existed and available for many years already. However, some  people especially organization staffs have explored and using this program while some others just hear about it and do not have clear idea about how to use this program, and what are the benefits of this Program. Honestly, I am as the example, I have heard about this program since I am in Cambodia. However, I just really explored and experienced the advantages of this program when I am doing my practicum with the Servicestelle Jugendbeteiligung e.V (SJB). Thankful for this great chance. It is my honor to share with you all about this Google Calendar. 

Why should we use Google Calendar?

 There are some complicated cases happened in the organization’s process and among team. The most frequent questions and issues are:

 –       Will you come to work today? What time will you in office?

–       What time is our meeting? I will be late. Could you please inform our members?

–       What are our groups’ planning in 2013 and this month? What are the tasks that we want to achieve? Who will be responsible?

–       What training/program/seminar that our team organize next week? When? What? Where? etc.

With some regular practice, we are going to call a telephone, asking our colleagues, write an email, looking for the long annual planning and document etc. It is true that these practices will cost some money, somehow disturbing and even take time. These questions and problems will be possibly answered automatically with cost-saving, faster and more effective method through using Google Calendar whenever we have access to internet service.

 How can we create and use the Google Calendar?

The most important thing for creating Google Calandar, we need to have one Gmail account. If we have already registered for Gmail account, we can go direct to the step number 2.

  1. We can create new Gmail account through logging in Gmail website: www.gmail.com. Please sign up and follow the instructions
  2. After signing up a Gmail account, we can login in the Gmail. Then, we will see one function at the top of our Gmail webpage named “Calendar”. Please click on it and we are going to see the continuous page which is Calendar platform
  3. Everybody, as the team members can create/change/delete calendars and schedules according to the individual’s action plan, and organizational plan and tasks when they have the account name and password login. They can even set very clearly about their individual activities and group activities as well.

For example, in one working group named FHF has four active members: Ms. En Sokunthea (ESK), Mr. Hean Putthy (HPT), Mr. Kong Setha (KST) and Mr. Kok Tha (KT). Ms. En Sokunthea could update in the Google Calendar that:  On 05th May 2012, from 9:00am-4:00pm, there is a training organized by the organization on the topic of “Communication” for 30 young people. Also, on 03rd May 2012, Mr. Putthy Hean is going to have a meeting with partner organization from 10:30am-12:30pm and will be in office from 1:00pm-4:30pm. At the same day, Mr. Kong Setha is sick immediately and he could not come to office. On another hand, on 04th May 2012, 2:30pm-4:00pm, Mr. Kok Tha and Ms. En Sokunthea have together meeting and discussion and financial formula development in office. . So, they wrote on the Google Calendar as the picture below:


By using this Google Calendar, all members just log in the Google Calendar and immediately they will know where are their team, what are they doing, and from what time to what time. If we use the smartphone like Iphone, HTC etc, we can connect to internet and install this application in our smartphone. After installation, we can update the calendar from internet and all calendar will be always in our phone. So wherever you are, you are always aware of your working schedule and calendar. Convenient? 

For more understanding how to use this application, we can spend more time to learn from Youtube and play around with this application by ourselves.

I am going to organize an experience sharing session and training on this “Google Calendar” for Cambodian youths who would like to learn this program when I am back to Cambodia. I will keep inform this training through my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/kok.tha. If you interested in this training, you can contact me through my email: koktha_rupp_dot@yahoo.com. Then I will inform later when will this training takes place. 




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