“Cambodia’s Evening” Cultural Program

On 27th March 2012, 19:00-23:00, “The Cambodia Evening” Cultural program was organized by Cambodian family, Ms. Brak Limheang and I, with the participation of 10 colleagues and German friends of the organization that I am doing my practicum. The ground reasons of organizing this “Cambodia’s Evening” were responding to the interest of many collea
gues in my practicum youth organization in understanding about Cambodia especially foods, culture, and development process. This cultural event was organized in my apartment (that GIZ has rent for my four months practicum period) in Berlin.


It was very thankful to our Cambodian family, who live in Berlin and Limheang, my GIZ scholar, for their help in preparing, organizing and cooking Cambodian foods: Khmer special noodle and Salad.

The welcoming dinner began at 19:00 with the arrival of colleagues and friends. Each of them brought fruit juice, wines, and beers as the contribution to the program.

They are very friendly and simple. We stayed together as friends, tasted the Cambodian foods and noodle.  They admitted that these Cambodian foods were very tasty. They were really enjoy the meal.

After the meals, I have presented a presentation that our International Leadership Training (ILT) team have prepared for reflecting the general overview on Cambodia such as Geography, Economy, Cultural, Tourism Attractions and process of development. The presentation was followed by two short video shows about Cambodia tourism attractions and Kingdom of Wonder.


It was a very impressive event that we have organized together. It was a good time for German colleagues and people have some ideas about Cambodia. We have learn from each other with interaction and discussion.

Finally, I would like to say thank very much for my colleagues and Cambodian family and friend for their support and value. I have felt that I have do something good for my country.


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