Impressive Experiences during the Seminar on “Successful Leadership on Organizational Values”

On 23-25th March 2012, I have attended the seminar on “Successful Leadership on Organizational Values” in Hannover with the support and organization from GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH). There were totally 19 participants on this seminar, whom are GIZ scholars from Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hungury, Tidschikistan, Usbekistan, Cameron and Botswana. The moderator of this seminar is Prof. Dr. Pusch Marion, who has many years experience in consulting and developing organizational values.


The first day of seminar was the arrival of all participants with the welcoming dinner and introduction to the seminar. All participants introduced their brief information and their rationale in attending this seminar. The facilitator showed the prepared contents of the seminar to all participants and participants had added some points and comments that they really wish to know and learn.


The second day of the seminar was the most impressive day during this three-day workshop. Participants were asked to think quietly and reflect about themselves: What are their important life values. Each participant had shared one of their own life value. One of the life values that I am impressed with is: “I am not working for money. I work for my life values”. Many participants asked to explain the meaning of this life value. This means that, he/she is not working for serving the money, but he/she wants to be the person who have freedom and choice to choose what they want to be and their needs. It doesn’t mean that Money is not important. Of course it is, but he/she won’t let money to lead their life.


 This exercise reminded me about what I have written my life value in my Dairy Book 2012 as well. These 6 my most important life values are values that I do my best to follow in order to make I, myself to become a good citizen, leader, good husband, good friend, and good people.

I have gotten these life values through my reading, my observation, my interaction with people and good friends, the comments and suggestions from my Role Model (YSK and KSP) and the person that I love and respect. Honestly, I could not 100% guarantee that I could do it since it needs a lot of effort and self-discipline and commitment to follow this life values. Everyday morning I get up, I open my dairy book to write down what are my plan today and take a few minutes to read these 6 values. In the night time, I write down what are the new things and impression that I have experienced in the day. They are my good life orientation to remind and keep me avoid the bad habits and some negative behaviors to the people around me.

What is Organizational Values?

Organizational Values are the clear concepts or ideas that the organisation as the whole agree to follow and obey in order to ensure the organization has long and smooth run. I could give one example 5 values of Friends Help Friends Saving Group (FHF): 1. Save-borrow-return; 2. Honesty; 3. Transparency; 4. Mutual respect and 5. Mutual trust.

Without practicing this 5 core values, the organization will not able smoothly process and the original concept and ideas of the saving group will not be reflected.


How to create the organizational values?

In order to create a good organizational values, there are several process that one organization needs to understand and follow. First of all, the leader of the organization need to have a clear overview on the origin and culture of their organization such as what they are, where they want to go, what will they want to be. Then, the values should be created through the discussion, contribution and decision from every level of organizational management. It is very important that the ideas and values of the people in the organization were put into consideration. The next step is the preparation process that the organization arranges the framework and system that ensure these values were good applied in the organization. During the implementation of the framework and system, the organization needs to evaluate the process and the effects of the implementation. The improvement activities could be established if needed.

There were also many impressive ideas and knowledge that I have known and have never known before such as:

  • One important value for leadership is that: When we did something wrong, we must accept and admit the mistake, don’t try to reject or argues.
  • Sometime the manager said that, their staffs do not work good or productive, but what the staffs said was that, the manager work not effective
  • It is very often that there are many people, who are in the leadership position, but they haven’t good  leadership
  • People have their own life values. Sometime those values are not the same. We need to learn and respect other people’s values
  • The values of the organization should be written and clearly introduced to the staffs or members
  • The organizational values should be well created. However, if there any urgent or needs in editing or changing the organizational value, we should change.
  • Trust building is very important between people in the organization. It means that: “We must say what we thought; we must do what we said, and we must be what we are as what we have done”-from Alfied Herrhansen.
  • Through building the trust, the leader has to build the capacity of the staffs as well. We cannot implement trust when the staff has no ideas about what they should do at all
  • Everyone are the role model for some people around them. The people around us may learn from us unconsciously, may be the good points or may be the bad points according to the behavior of the role model.
  • In short, through the experience of building trust is difficult at the beginning. Self Reflection is the key!
It was the fruitful seminar for giving me and other participants good and new ideas and knowledge on the field of “Organizational Values” that are very crucial for one organization to put into consideration and implementation. Finally, I would like to say thank for GIZ for organizing this seminar and also the facilitator for sharing her valuable knowledge and experience so that I can improve my leadership ideas and practices.

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