My Impression on the Discussion Congress “Inclusion and Participation”


On 20th March 2012, 09:00am-04:00pm, I attended the Discussion Congress on the topic of “Inclusion and Participation“, organized by SPI Foundation in Berlin. There were totally 45 participants (whom 37 were females), who are from Children and Youth organizations, Social NGOs, Government Institution, and Networks in Berlin. The main objectives of this congress are to introduce, discuss and reflect on the concept of “Inclusion and Participation” so that each organization and institution will have in-depth ideas and concept of these Inclusion and Participation and apply in their working areas and project implementation. 

The Interesting Things and New Knowledge that I have learned from this Congress:

1. “Inclusion” is considerably new development concept which means one group or organization or country try to include many  different types of people and treat them all fairly and equally. The German government has published her 10 years plan and strategies on the title of “The Way to reach our Inclusive Society“. It means that the disadvantage people, disable people, children, youth and all other groups are going to be included in the society and they could have fair and quality access to education, decision making, development/benefit, social public services and etc. 


2. There are some distinguish differentiation between “Exclusion, Separation, Integration and Inclusion” that I have learned from the discussion and document. The photo near by that I have drawn will give us better understanding and clear idea. There are a bit confusion between the concept of Integration and Inclusion. The differentiation of these two concepts are that:

– The integration would integrate different other groups in the big group but they are still categorized in the separated group. However, the inclusion will give people equality, opportunity, access and freedom, and support in order to ensure everyone have good social welfare.

The discussion and congress focus on the issue relevant to Disable and Disadvantaged people. The inclusive society need to create and provide enough facilities and support disable people and other disadvantaged group have the access and opportunity the same to other group as well. 


3. The knowledgeable presenter on the concept Inclusion and Participation was Mr. Martin Zierold, the staff of Sinneswandel gGmbH. He is one of the deaf youth club member in this youth group. He introduced the overview and detail concept of “Inclusion and Participation” through his body languages and were interpreted to German language by two professional interpreters.

This is a good model to let us know about the how the concept Inclusion could be function in the seminar as well as the whole society. 

The speaker also showed the video of his “Deaf Youth Group” and shared how his group work, learn and struggle themselves into society.

3. The presentation reflected the way people in the society discriminate “Deaf People” and “Disadvantaged people”. They are really hunger of people’s acceptation, motivation, appreciation and emotional support rather than abuse, teasing and excluded. After watching the video and gone through the presentation, I really understand their feeling and I felt into deep sad that the society treat them in this way.

4. They have mentioned that the concept of Participation is very important for having developed and democratic society. However, this democratic and developed society will not be achieved, if the concept of Inclusion was not taken into consideration.

5. The discussion admitted that in order to achieve the Inclusive Society, there are some big challenges such as Finance and Awareness raising for motivating people and changing people’s discriminated perception. But the keys of this discussion were: start to take actions rather than no action and say no. The most important thing is that if the organization, society, and the country commit to reach the inclusive society or not.

In short, I would like to say that to my Practicum organization-SJB for giving me the chance to attend this congress so that I have some good and news ideas on the “Inclusion and Participation”. 



2 thoughts on “My Impression on the Discussion Congress “Inclusion and Participation”

  1. Great achievement cheri, it is really the best and influential model for both current and next generation

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