My Impression on the Seminar on “Citizen Participation” in Frankfurt

On 09th-11th March 2012, I have attended the seminar on the topic of “Citizen Participation” in Frankfurt am Maiz with another GIZ Scholarship holders. There were totally 15 GIZ participants who are from Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Algaria, Ecuador and Peru with two German trainers. The seminar took place in Kolping Hotel’s seminar room.


There were several interesting aspects, issue and knowledge that I have learned from this seminar. First of  all, the trainer allow all participants to know each other and proposed their expected question for getting answer from the seminar. After that, all participants combined and concluded the contents for this seminar as following: The importance of citizens’ participation, methodologies in promoting citizens’ participation, their challenges.


In the second day of our seminar, after the introduction about the long time problem happen between the Frankfurt Airport and the citizen near the airport area, we have visited the Frankfurt inside area with the good introduction and explanation from the Guide of the airport. During our 30 minutes round driving the airport, we have gotten a numerous of information with continuous questions from our GIZ participants. To gain more detail and understanding about the core concept of Citizens’ Participation, all participants come together to reflect and analyze the rights and roles of citizens under the aspect rule of law.

In the last day morning of the seminar, we have a quick overview on how government administration function in Germany. It is the day that Frankfurt people elect the new Mayor. We had a short observation on the election especially the overview of fair and transparent election should be.Image

In overall, this seminar is very significant and useful. I have gained a lot of new ideas and concepts about Germany’s society, politic and how should citizens participate in their society. Thank GIZ for organizing this seminar and giving all participants the chance to join this seminar.


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