Five Ways Non-Profits Fails with Their Social media, and how to fix it

Five Ways Non-Profits Fails with Their Social media, and how to fix it

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My Impression after attending the Press Conference of CNRP’s Statement on 29.08.2013″

I believe it is a good thing to share to audiences and youths about what I have heard and felt after attending the Press Conference of Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) on 29.08.2013 regarding to the standing point of CNRP toward the Mechanisms of Dealing with Irregularities of Election and the Preparation for Non-Violent Demonstration on 07.09.2013.

I saw the announcement of the Press Conference a day before the event through Facebook posted in CNRP Facebook Page. Honestly speaking, I am a person who interested and keep regular follow up on political situation in Cambodia. That is the reason I would like to participate in this Press Conference organized at CNRP office at Chak Ang Re district.

I have noticed some remarkable point during the speech of H.E. Sam Rainsy, President of CNRP and Mr. Kuoy Bunroeun, representative of CNRP on investigating irregularities of Election (elected on 28.07.2013)

– CNRP insists to form the Independent Committee that consist of Representatives of Cambodian People Party (CPP) and CNRP who have the power of decision making in investigating the irregularity of the recent election through having NGOs, International NGOs as the observers of this investigation. Mr. Sam Rainsy has written and sent the letter to H.E Chea Sim for proposing forming this independent committee in order to investigate and deal with the irregularities of election. The National Election Committee (NEC) was rejected by CNRP in facilitating the formation and processing in this Independent Committee, because CNRP considers NEC as not independent institution influenced by CPP and made a lot of and serious mistakes on irregularities during the election, while CPP demands NEC as the coordinator in investigating because CPP considers NEC is the right institution for dealing with the irregularities of the election. Before the announcement of result from NEC, CPP claims that they are the winner of the election with fairness., at the same time CNRP claims that they have gained hug support from citizens and have increased a lot of seats in the parliament from this election. NEC announced his preliminary result several days after the election that CPP received 68 (90 seats in 2008) seats of the parliament and CNRP receives 55 seats (29 seats received in 2008). H.E. Sam Rainsy claimed that, CNRP is going to respect the result of fair and independent investigation found by Independent Committee. In addition, CNRP is going to join for forming the parliament after the investigate is done and accepted. Regarding to this point, as a citizen, I would say, CPP, NEC and Constitutional Council should agree with what CNRP suggested in order to giving the fair chance for winner and loser find out the truth. So that the winner will win with dignity and respect, and the loser lose with satisfaction and agreement.

– CNRP admitted that Non-Violent Demonstration is the last choice that CNRP are going to do on this 07.09.2013 if there is no response or fair and proper negotiation between CNRP and CPP in formulating Independent Committee. The government also prepares the military and polices for keeping security as the reason. Both parties claimed that they need the peaceful mechanism and solutions, but I think wording is not enough, your act and response is very clear enough for citizens to judge what are you doing and who are you. It is interesting to hear from H.E Sam Rainsy that the non-violent demonstration is the demonstration that follow the spirit of Mohandas K. Gandhi. The non-violence leadership movie of Gandhi is showing to Cambodian people on how to follow and keep in mind the non-violence manners. At the moment, CNRP is consulting with NGOs and experts on how to organize this demonstration. It is interesting that the movie of Gandhi (Khmer speech) is the movie that my organization and I have been using and sharing to young people during the leadership workshops and trainings.

– After listening to the explanation of Mr. Kuoy Bunroen on the process and situation in investigating the irregularities lead by the Constitutional Council (CC), I have a full understanding about the reason why CNRP could not accept the results and the mechanisms undertook by CC and NEC. Mr. Kuoy Bunroeun remarked that there are totally 1401 election offices in Battambang province, and CNRP sued to Constitutional Council for checking Security Box “A” for finding the irregularities as the sample of only 233 (6% of total) election offices. However, the Constitutional Council allowed to open only 8 boxes from 8 offices. This point immediately run into my consideration-Why? Why? Why?

        + Why allowed to open only 8 of 1401 offices?

        + If Constitutional of Council (CC) have the competence how to do the research? How to choose the sample size?  Why don’t CC allows to open those 233 offices as CNRP requested? Or you think it is too tired for you to facilitate this work? Why don’t you just do it, and let see the truth?

In conclusion, even though I have followed up news and information related to politic everyday, but the day that I attend the Press Conference organized by CNRP give me a clear picture and idea about what is going on in politic and how each stakeholders involve and take the responsibilities in the process. I hope all CPP, CNRP, NEC and CC solve the problem in peaceful way, not just saying, but with your honest and dignity acts. We are the citizens are waiting to see all of you solving it and I am sure citizens are keeping strict concentration on your acts.

My 10th Biking Day for Healthy, Environmental and Economical Purposes

My Sport-bike bought on 11.05.2013
My Sport-bike bought on 11.05.2013

On Saturday 11.05.2013, my sport-bike was bought with the recommendation from my good friend in choosing and selecting the quality sport-bike. The rational of buying and riding the sport-bike was from the motivation and suggestion from my role model as well as as my Program Manager-Mr. Khim Sophanna. He has done weekly exercise by riding the bike in the early morning around 5am before he come to work.

Making this decision, my wife fully encouraged me and supported me to make this change. I have noticed that recently I have gained weight (a bit fat at my stomach) and I spent a lot of money for the gasoline, rout from my house to office, especially during traffic jam. In addition, I commit to contribute to the reduction of air-pollution for environment friendly purpose by starting from myself.

Honesty speaking, I felt very exhausted in the first day of my biking, just riding from the bike shop to my office (5km). My legs were painful. However, I did not give up. In the next day, I continued to ride my bike from my home to my office and from my office to home (Phnom Penh-Prek Samorng) which is approximately 25km.


MY Role Model ride the bike in the Biking Day organized by EU in Cambodia
MY Role Model ride the bike in the Biking Day organized by EU in Cambodia

Yesterday 09.06.2013 was my 10th Biking Bay after my lovely sport-bike was bought. I ride around 25km per day. My bike costs 140 USD and many people said that it is reasonable price, while some people said that they can’t effort it and too tired to ride the bike. However, imagine that we spend 1.50 USD (or one liter) for daily gasoline cost to work and study or some leisure activities. I just ride my bike for 3 months (90 days) instead of riding motorcycle. Then the cost of installment 140 USD will be installed and I still continue to ride my bike with very low cost, relaxation and healthy mood.

Now I have seen more and more Cambodian people turn their attention to ride the bike rather riding motor or driving the car for healthy, environmental protection, economical and traffic jam reduction purpose.

Biking has become my habit now and I really keen to ride the bike every weekend. I always wish the weekend comes soon so that I can enjoy my sport during the relaxed weekend.

Currently, I have registered to be member of “Cycling for Freedom” Team that is going to start the first cycling day on this 15.06.2013. We are looking forward to seeing more and more of our colleagues join the team and we can enjoy the cycling together.

In conclusion, cycling is very beneficial for everyone. It brings us healthy, saves us money, and helps to protect our environment.

“Riding the Bike, we can be the role model of some other people”!

Youth Saving’s Movement in Phnom Penh

“Saving Group”, this concept has been existing in Cambodia many years already and this model has been implemented in many regions in Cambodia. So far, just only the saving groups and associations supported from CEDAC (Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture) is already more than 2000 groups. They are still existing and keeping their active management. It is not what many people consider as “Tong Tin”. In my old article explained already what the saving group is.

Reminding about the history of establishing youth saving group in Phnom Penh, a group of CAN youth network went to different villages to learn the saving model and practice and consulted with CEDAC President and senior advisers for feedback and comments in establishing saving group. In November 2009, the first youth saving group in Phnom Penh- Friends Help Friends Saving Group (FHF) was established with 10 members (3 were females) and total capital 200 USD. Afterward, there were more youth saving groups in Phnom Penh have been established such as: CAN Youth Team Saving Group (CYTS), Community Management Course Saving Group (CMCSG), Ladies Saving Group (LSG), Saving for Our Future Saving Group (SOF) etc. Most of them are keeping their active management, participation and leadership. In the purpose of mutual help and consultation, those saving groups initiated to form “Friendship Saving Federation (FSF)” in 2010. So far, FHF, CYTS, CMCSG, LSG and SOF are members of FSF. The federation is lead by committees who are elected every 2 year, while other members are the committees from each group.

On 08th March 2013, The Friendship Saving Federation organized their first meeting in year 2013 for keeping update the situation of each group member, sharing, and discuss possible solutions and recommendation for improving and solving problems in the respective saving groups.


What is impressed is the progress of youth saving groups in Phnom Penh. In total, there are:

– 219 members

– 88,727.47 USD as total capital

– 1,448.86 USD as monthly interest profit

– 3,207.51 USD as monthly saving

– 93,903.58 USD as total loan

– 5176.11 USD as total external deposit

We all are impressed to see the progress of youth saving group in Phnom Penh. Within 3 years period, we have increased our capital, members, awareness on saving group, and public appreciation. This result reminds us the old saying: “Think Big, Start from Small”. What we really acknowledge and grateful are our senior generation, role models and colleagues for their motivation, emotional support and advices as great contribution to our saving group. We are keeping learning, practicing, managing and leading this social oriented and financial oriented model.

My feeling after I have lost my great King

I feel extremely shock, sad and sorrow when I heard and knew that I have lost my King Father “Norodom Sihanouk” on this 15th October 2012, 1:20am (time in Cambodia) in Beijing Hospital.

Honestly, I have known not much about my great king when he was alive. I just knew and heard from many people included my parents that he is the hero for Cambodia who is the peace maker and bring independent to Cambodia from France’s colonization in 1953.  Within my family, my father plays very important roles in educating children about the society, culture and politic in Cambodia history. I still remember about my father’s words reminding about King Sihanouk when I was 5 or 6 years old. He had brought great achievements and development in Cambodia civilized society. His leadership and political perspective are well-known and got respect from people in the country.


After hearing his death, I have watched TV, historical film and read newspapers which reminded and mentioned about his sacrifice and achievement in saving Cambodia from the invaders and developed Cambodia to a prosperous nation from year 1953-1970.

Tonight, 18th October 2012, 9:30am, I watched TVs broadcasted the ceremony and historical films and documents of my late great King. I don’t know why my mind feel so mixed, sad and sorrow. My tear dropped silently. I deeply feel that I myself as well as my country lost the great hero. Then, a very strong power come into my heart and talk my that “Kok Tha, there is something that you need to put more effort to help and develop your country”. I just feel that what I have done so far is not enough and even much less than my king. I need to continue my hard-work and my well-being to colleague, youth organizations, role models, my friends, youths, family and my love.

Nothing to explain more but just know that I need to do more and more from now on…

Impression on the Experience Sharing Session on “Cambodian Youths’ Vision on Financial Freedom through: Youth Saving Group”

On 15th May 2012, from 3:00pm-6:00pm, I have organized the experience sharing session on “Cambodian Youths’ vision on financial freedom through: Youth Saving  Group” with the sincere support from Servicestelle Jugendbeteiligung e.V (SJB), my practicum organization, and Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, the organization that I have got my scholarship. The convenient and fully equipped venue took place in GIZ Berlin office at Köthener Strasse 2 – 3, Potsdamer Platz with 8 participants, who are Youth Bank and SJB colleagues in Berlin, GIZ scholar and one youth, who had volunteered in Cambodia through exchanged projects. The objectives of this sharing session were to introduce participants to have overview about Cambodia, youth situation, sharing my personal life experience and my activities with have been done in Cambodia and youth group and the most important thing was to get valuable comments from participants’ perspectives in developing my youth saving group in the future.

I have sent the invitation to invite several other youth organizations in Berlin that have been involving in youth activities and some projects in Cambodia for exchanging perspective and experience. However, finally there were only 8 potential participants in this session. Anyway that were suitable number of participants that we can have in-depth and detail discussion and interaction. I have learned a lot through the process of organizing this workshop.

One of my good colleague, Tilman and I had arrived the venue one hour before for preparation. All modern and comfortable equipment were already prepared by GIZ organizer.

        The sharing session undertook in German language. The session started  with welcome and introduction to the agenda of the day. Then, participants introduced themselves and their expectations for attending this session. They said that, they would like to have more in-depth and detail overview about youth situation in Cambodia and the rationales and the process of establishing youth saving group for contributing to the youth situation’s betterment in Cambodia.

For giving participants an overview about Cambodia, I have played a video clip produced by Ministry of Tourism in Cambodia ( which reflected the geography, populations, cultural event, festivals, culture, attractions and history of Cambodia. During playing this video clip, I gave some explanations on some important figures. It was a really relaxed atmosphere.

After showing this video, I continued to share about my personal life experience and family situation when I was in high-school until I have been today.  My life experience is the similar mirror and reflection for participants to have some ideas about some youth situation and challenges in Cambodia. I had shared about some difficult family situations and my bad and regretted behaviors I had done when I was in High-school. After passing the high-school final year exam, I decided and committed to change myself until I become who I am now.

With the rationals of establishing youth saving group, I have seen some challenges that Cambodian youths and I myself have been confronting such as:

– lacking of opportunity and accessibility to study in good quality universities due to financial shortage

– lacking of entrepreneurship and creative ideas

– lacking of emotional and financial support for their creativeness and personal development

– many youths have not clear financial management, plan and vision

– youth networking sometime function not really well because of lacking of ownership and participation

Then, my group’s members and I decided to establish this saving group together in 08th November 2009 in CAN office. I had already shared about the challenges and opportunities that Cambodian people access to loan, in order to fight on high interest rate and very bureaucratic loan process.

Regarding to the establishment of youth saving group, I raised the example of “Friends Help Friends Saving Group” through introducing the process of gathering information and concepts of saving group from resources persons and experts in this field, process of discussion and decision making on the regulations and principle with members through democratic ways and voluntary inspiration, and the process of management and leadership. There were a numbers of questions from participants and some complex processes and networking with other youth saving groups. I have shown the photo of my youth saving group members and what we are doing during the monthly meeting and contents of our monthly discussion and sharing.

Before this experience sharing session ended, I had asked participants to give their impressions and ideas for future development of the saving group. They felt impressed to see what Cambodian youth have been done and created for youths. They admired that it is a sense of autonomy and self-help concept that my group and other youth saving groups have been done. This saving group concept and system that we have been created and decided are very concrete, complex and reliable.  They hoped that our youth saving groups continues to mobilize this concept and bring to other young people in other areas. They also hope that youth saving groups will be able to have some budget for supporting youth’s projects and activities for multiplying this great initiative. One participant who has some exchange visit project in Cambodia proposed to visit our saving group when they visit Cambodia.

I am really glad that this workshop has been done with time set and with active discussion between participants. Finally, I would like to say thank you to all participants, GIZ organizer and SJB colleagues for giving me physical and emotional support in organizing this sharing session.

Experience the benefits of Google Calendar for fast and professional work

The concept of Google Calendar is not new, it has been existed and available for many years already. However, some  people especially organization staffs have explored and using this program while some others just hear about it and do not have clear idea about how to use this program, and what are the benefits of this Program. Honestly, I am as the example, I have heard about this program since I am in Cambodia. However, I just really explored and experienced the advantages of this program when I am doing my practicum with the Servicestelle Jugendbeteiligung e.V (SJB). Thankful for this great chance. It is my honor to share with you all about this Google Calendar. 

Why should we use Google Calendar?

 There are some complicated cases happened in the organization’s process and among team. The most frequent questions and issues are:

 –       Will you come to work today? What time will you in office?

–       What time is our meeting? I will be late. Could you please inform our members?

–       What are our groups’ planning in 2013 and this month? What are the tasks that we want to achieve? Who will be responsible?

–       What training/program/seminar that our team organize next week? When? What? Where? etc.

With some regular practice, we are going to call a telephone, asking our colleagues, write an email, looking for the long annual planning and document etc. It is true that these practices will cost some money, somehow disturbing and even take time. These questions and problems will be possibly answered automatically with cost-saving, faster and more effective method through using Google Calendar whenever we have access to internet service.

 How can we create and use the Google Calendar?

The most important thing for creating Google Calandar, we need to have one Gmail account. If we have already registered for Gmail account, we can go direct to the step number 2.

  1. We can create new Gmail account through logging in Gmail website: Please sign up and follow the instructions
  2. After signing up a Gmail account, we can login in the Gmail. Then, we will see one function at the top of our Gmail webpage named “Calendar”. Please click on it and we are going to see the continuous page which is Calendar platform
  3. Everybody, as the team members can create/change/delete calendars and schedules according to the individual’s action plan, and organizational plan and tasks when they have the account name and password login. They can even set very clearly about their individual activities and group activities as well.

For example, in one working group named FHF has four active members: Ms. En Sokunthea (ESK), Mr. Hean Putthy (HPT), Mr. Kong Setha (KST) and Mr. Kok Tha (KT). Ms. En Sokunthea could update in the Google Calendar that:  On 05th May 2012, from 9:00am-4:00pm, there is a training organized by the organization on the topic of “Communication” for 30 young people. Also, on 03rd May 2012, Mr. Putthy Hean is going to have a meeting with partner organization from 10:30am-12:30pm and will be in office from 1:00pm-4:30pm. At the same day, Mr. Kong Setha is sick immediately and he could not come to office. On another hand, on 04th May 2012, 2:30pm-4:00pm, Mr. Kok Tha and Ms. En Sokunthea have together meeting and discussion and financial formula development in office. . So, they wrote on the Google Calendar as the picture below:


By using this Google Calendar, all members just log in the Google Calendar and immediately they will know where are their team, what are they doing, and from what time to what time. If we use the smartphone like Iphone, HTC etc, we can connect to internet and install this application in our smartphone. After installation, we can update the calendar from internet and all calendar will be always in our phone. So wherever you are, you are always aware of your working schedule and calendar. Convenient? 

For more understanding how to use this application, we can spend more time to learn from Youtube and play around with this application by ourselves.

I am going to organize an experience sharing session and training on this “Google Calendar” for Cambodian youths who would like to learn this program when I am back to Cambodia. I will keep inform this training through my facebook page If you interested in this training, you can contact me through my email: Then I will inform later when will this training takes place.